My presentations focus on how we can lead more productive, meaningful, and purposeful lives and create and grow more successful, sustainable businesses. I am happy to tailor presentations to individual audiences and I always like to have an interactive element to my talks.

Sample Titles:

  • Crucial Keys to a Thriving Business Culture
  • Connecting That Counts
  • Increasing Your Team’s Happiness, Productivity and Profit,”

Sample talk:
Crucial Keys to a Thriving Business Culture
Studies consistently show that when companies and their people feel connected with each other and a larger purpose, both are more likely to succeed and thrive. This presentation provides three keys to a strong business culture and provide ways to bring these attributes to our businesses, rather large or small or in-between, and to each of us as individuals.
Crucial Keys include:
Engage:     Encourage interaction, connection, and personal support between and at all levels
Innovate:  Create opportunities for creativity and trend spotting

Transform:   Increase mindfulness, consciousness and self-awareness
An articulated business culture gives a clear path to mutually beneficial understandings on day-to-day interactions. This results in happy people, lower turn-over rates, and higher productivity, profit and sustainability. By having a clear vision of “how we do things,” we can more effectively bridge and overcome differences at all levels and connect at deeper levels.
Let’s each increase our effectiveness in creating successful businesses that support each other and positively impact our world.

Past Presentations: WorldFutures 2015; WorldFutures 2014-2013 Master Courses; Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact Conference; RISE Conference; BiG AUSTIN’S Latin America Regional Project & Women in Technology Multi-Regional Project; Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Product Camp; University of Texas’ SAGE Program; Central Texas World Future Society; West Point Society; World Affairs Council; Technology Forecasting for Valuation Conference; International Multicultural Festival; Six Square: Austin's Black Cultural District; and IEEE CTCN.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie Vanston over the course of several years. Carrie gave a great presentation at the World Affairs Council about the importance of creating and growing business cultures that encourage engagement and innovation. The audience was inspired with examples and ideas to bring back to their offices for their own development. I recommend Carrie to other organizations looking to create and grow strong, connected organizations."
~Ben Ramirez III, Executive Director, World Affairs Council

"Carrie delivered an enlightening presentation at the Central Texas Chapter of World Future Society. She shared with us her company's years of research on how businesses can look for novel opportunities and encourage engagement and innovation in their organizations, "
~Anne Boysen, Vice President, Central Texas Chapter of World Future Society

"I went to a presentation by Carrie and learned a lot about engagement, collaboration and innovation
in organizations. It was excellent. I highly recommend Carrie as a presenter about these topics!"
~Richard Atkinson, Advisor to Entrepreneurs, Access Creative Power

Please reach out to speak further about how I can inspire your group.

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