Coaching and Workshops
.We should all have the opportunity to work toward our highest potential and meaning in life  

Executive & Energy Leadership Coaching

As a Professional Certified Coach, I partner with Executives, Professional, Business Owners, and Solopreneurs to increase their leadership and energy levels so they can achieve the goals they feel most passionate about quicker and with less stress. I do this with an Energy Leadership Program based on the 7 Levels of Leadership that we act on in our daily professional and personal lives. I help my clients shift themselves and those around them to higher energy levels that lead to great happiness and success in their work and beyond.

These are some of the benefits I offer you:

  • Provide a supportive partner that is 100% concentrated on you
  • Help you gain clearity around your objectives
  • Help you create solutions that resonate strongly with your values
  • Help you find first action steps to move forward in a realistic, practical way
  • Encorage and validate your path forward and your breakthroughs 
  • Hold you accountable every week
  • Help you create strategy so you move quicker with less stress
I often begin clients with the powerful online  Energy Leadership Assessment followed by an extensive follow-up phone review of the results. With the insights provided, you can begin to choose how you want to respond to a task, activity, or situation, thus creating more engaged energy and success for your personal and professional life.

Special introductory offer!  $95 includes 17-minute online assessment and one-hour telephone review.

 "I have greatly benefited from Carrie's focused approach to guiding me through several leadership challenges.
Her listening abilities and probing questions have enabled me to gain a better understanding of several
situations and relationships."
~Nancy Edgar, MA, SPHR, Chief Human Resources Officer, Community Health Choice

Energy Leadership Training and Masterminding 
My coaching expertise also lends itself to Training, Workshops, and Masterminding based on the aforementioned 7 Levels of Leadership and "Three Keys to a Thriving Business Cultures."

I provide avenues to:

  • Connect with our core energies
  • Connect with each other
  • Connect with organizational purpose
  • Develop as energetic and conscious leaders
  • Achieve our deepest desires
The most successful people tend to be the ones in the world truly enjoy what they do. In fact, when asked, they consistently say that they feel they rarely ever "work."

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