How do you show up?

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is a powerful new
assessment I now offer my clients. Energy Leadership refers
to both a particular and unique form of leadership, and also,
literally, to the process of leading energy, so that it works for
you rather than against you.

After taking the online assessment, which takes about 20
minutes, I will then review your results with you during an
hour long review to find out where your normal energy lies
and where it is during stress. We will talk about how to shift your from fight and flight energy to win-win energy and 
intuition energy, as well as how you can shift the energy of those around you.

Benefits to taking the ELI Assessment and Debrief include:
  • Learn the 7 Levels of Energy and where you fall on the spectrum
  • Increase ability to shift your own energy and the energy of those around you
  • Create strategies to use that energy to achieve positive, long-term, successful results
  • Inspire and motivate yourself and others
  • Feel a greater sense of purpose
  • Get more done with much less effort and stress
  • Constantly attract positive and powerful people 

You should take this assessment because it will increase your positive energy toward win-win opportunities and create more space for your intuition and briliance to shine. ​I look forward to working with you!
Special introductory offer! $95 includes assessment and one hour telephone review.


Energy Leadership Index Assessment 

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment created new insights into how I show up in my every day activities both personally and professionally. Carrie's debrief of my assessment was very professional and insightful, I was given lots of valuable information which has enabled me to navigate through life with added awareness. I have praise for Carrie as a certified professional coach and would definitely recommend her services and the ELI assessment to anyone.
~Hector Santiago, Operations Support Specialist, Rave Property Management.

Carrie did an ELI Assessment debrief for me that was very extensive. I walked away with a greater sense of knowing how I react in certain situations, and how I can better respond in the future. The debrief with Carrie was very enlightening, I enjoyed her feedback and her approach in how she explained the assessment, how she guided me on a how I can shift my energy and, in turn, be more centered and fulfilled daily.
`Tanya Kelley, Attorney at Law, Harris County, State of Texas

If you are looking for a tool to help you in developing as a leader, the Energy Leadership Index provides insights you won't find in the Myers-Briggs or DISC. Carrie introduced me to the tool and led me through a debrief conversation that helped me identify situations where I tend to rely on the various energy types. More than that she helped me identify triggers I should keep on eye out for and offered tips for how to redirect my energy to the level which inspire with creativity and entrepreneurship.
~Ashley Harper, Principal Consultant, Harper Strategy
I recently took the ELI assessment and received a debrief of the results from Carrie. Throughout the entire debrief process she made me feel completely at ease to speak openly and honestly about my experiences and how my different energies were showing up in my work and life. ... I walked away with a deeper understanding of where and how stress was showing up in my personal and professional life, and with a feeling that I could start to make small adjustments to reduce the impact of that stress.
~Lyndsey Kelly, Lyndsey Kelly Coaching, LLC
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