Carrie Vanston
Executive & Energy Leadership Coach
Culture Consultant & Speaker
Welcome! I help individuals and organizations increase their energy and leadership levels to achieve the goals and objectives they feel most passionate about quicker and with less stress. I am a consummate connector who enjoys bringing people together to share, collaborate, connect, and grow through speaking, coaching, consulting, and training.​​

As a Certified Professional Coach , I help people overcome their blocks and connect with their intentions for powerful and sustainable results. Often we feel stuck in a position, feel unauthentic in our jobs, want to be better leaders, or want to go in an entirely new direction. I help my cients shift to a higher energy level using the powerful new Energy Leadership Assessment and Program. My clients say that working with me has changed their viewpoint of their lives, changed how they see the people around them, and gave them a new frame of reference to be the person that they want to be.

For organizations, my speaking and consulting/training services focus on challenges in culture and organization. When people feel unheard,  the purpose and culture of the company is not clear, or there is no clear focus on the future, I can help you and your employees get clairty and get buy-in on the best path forward. My clients say that I help them engage employees, encourage innovation, and increase productivity and sustainability.

What I've found in my work is the most successful companies also have the happiest people working for them. I love helping people connect with their passions and helping companies create and grow strong cultures that value people and are grounded in a higher purpose.

More about me, me, me! :)

My work is based on the Leadership Energy Program, my Crucial Keys to a Thriving Cultures, and  the award-winning book I co-authored with my father, Dr. John Vanston, MiniTrends: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends. An article I wrote on my "Keys" placed #4 in the "Top Ten Most Read Articles” in popular Texas CEO Magazine.

I also directed TFI’s popular MiniTrends Conference Series for three years with 50 plus top speakers.
Many participants implemented ideas from the conference and the book to build their organizations. 

I enjoy speaking on creating and building engaged, innovative, and transformational businesses. I've spoken at organizations including World Future Society, Rise, Big Austin, Product Camp, West Point Society, Morgan Stanley, Six Square: Austin’s Black Cultural District, UT’s SAGE, IEEE-CTCN, Central Texas World Future Society, World Affairs Council; Technology Futures, Inc., International Multicultural Association, Finland's Laurea University of Applied Sciences, and IEEE CTCN.

I also have a strong marketing. media. and social media background developed as Vice President of Communications at CCTR’s parent company, Technology Futures, Inc. that many of my clients find invaluable.

My coaching certification is through the prestigious 340-hour Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) Program. I’m also a Certified Master Practitioner for Energy Leadership Index Assessment and a Certified Khorus Consultant for its CEO performance software.

I’m an Affiliate Member of the National Speakers Association and a member of the Austin Chapter of International Coaching Federation. I recently served on the National President Advisory Group and Austin Chapter Leadership Team of Academy of Culture Ambassadors,  I have a BA from the University of Texas at Austin in, of all things, Geography, so always happy to talk about the world, too! 

On the personal side, I LOVE to dance, travel, and spend time with my two children. (Regarding travel, keep your eyes open for future destination coaching and workshop retreats!)

So there you have it! If you are ready to take the next steps to achieving your business and life dreams and goals, LET'S TALK!


Corporate Cultures That Rock is a project of Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI) and associated with its MiniTrends Project . CCTR was established to addresses the vital importance of conscious leadership and organizational culture as elements for happiness and success.
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